Pre-Election Rant 2016

Here it is the weekend before the election and I find it staggering that 43% or more of the electorate will choose Trump. Inasmuch as a lot of people have a real hate-on for Hillary, there is one clear reason to NOT vote for Trump. Actually, there are dozens of reasons, but I’ll just focus on one right now:
Hillary’s running mate does NOT believe in gay-conversion therapy….and neither does she.
This little tidbit has just about been ignored during this whole election cycle. Compared to “grabbing a woman by the pussy” and “building walls that Mexico will pay for” to “lock her up” and “bleeding out of her…wherever” newsworthy is converting a gay person to being straight (i.e. “praying the gay away”)? With an estimate of $2 billion that Trump has been given in free press coverage, it’s shocking that within those countless hours of the Trump-Circus barely any mention was made of Mike Pence’s stance on gay marriage and homosexuality in general

When Pence first ran for Congress in 2000, he said “resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.” How many people do you think, under their own power, “choose” to try and change their sexual preference? He then later said “congress should oppose any effort to put gay and lesbian relationships on an equal legal status with heterosexual marriage.” And public funding? Really? To encourage gay people to change into being straight? In essence he’s claiming the majority of the population is superior to the gay segment; that their preference is THE preference; the other way is substandard. Need more evidence?
Four times as many gay youth commit suicide a year than their straight peers. You wonder why that happens? It’s because they perceive the rest of society sees them as shit. It wasn’t long ago that gay conversion therapies such as electric shock, chemical castration and, my personal favorite “masturbatory reconditioning” were used to rid the gay from people. Praying the gay away seems tame by comparison.
And lets never mind the blatant hypocrisy of those on the right. Jerry Falwell Jr, Pat Robertson, Ann Coulter…all self-proclaimed “Christians” thought it was perfectly fine that Trump said those things on that bus…and the things he’s said about Muslims, and women, and war heroes, and black people (one of the above runs a fake university just like Trump did, but somehow it’s accredited). They also thought it was perfectly fine that Trump chose such an abhorrently anti-gay bigot as Mike Pence for his running mate. Makes perfect sense to let this guy near the white house, right? We all know Trump won’t be the decision-maker if he should win. He’ll probably spend the first year of his presidency exploring the white house looking for non-existent secret passageways and pissing in corners like a dog while Pence does everything in his power to take our country back to how Alabama was in the 50’s.
So get bent, Trump voters. @#%@ you. Open your @#$%^@ing eyes. I’m not saying you’re all homophobic, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, politically illiterate, greedy sycophants,….but you’re all guilty of looking the other way for one messed up reason or another. And please don’t tell me it’s “her emails”. Please.
By the way, I’m staying in Canada regardless of the outcome. Even if Hillary wins, there are 50+ million Americans that will have voted for Trump; that’s more than our entire population up here. They are among you.
Sucks to be you.