Everything I Learned, I….

I learned how to hit from watching Eddie Murray.  Be patient, pick your pitches, and swing hard at the ones you like.  If you hit a home run, don’t show-boat.  Don’t draw attention to yourself.

I learned compassion from my grandmother.  Everyone deserves an equal chance, equal honesty.

I learned to try and do things right the first time from my grandfather; otherwise, you’re cheating yourself.

I learned to let loose once and a while from Chad.  Who cares what some people think?  We’re here once.  It took someone from the in-crowd to show someone from the not-in-crowd, to not give a damn.

I learned from his brother, Steve, not to assume anything of people.  Family is family; they don’t quit on you.  You the man.

I learned from Terry that no friendship is as valuable as the one where the most can be said with the fewest words spoken.

I learned from Rick and his grandmother that “if everyone got along (like we did), that there wouldn’t be any war in the world.”  Differences shouldn’t mean squat.

I learned to believe in myself from Marc.  He walked the 3, 000 miles and told me I could do it, too.

I learned to be proud of accomplishments from Dave H. Another page from my grandfather…do it right and when you finish, be proud of it.  Don’t be afraid to take advice.  Jump in head-first.

I learned from Larry Allen, the retired offensive lineman fom the Cowboys to run hard even if you are big and fat.  You might just catch that guy half your size, that has half your determination.

I learned from my first retriever, Muffly, to pay attention to others.  Not just myself.

I learned from Hokie, my second retriever, to play.  Play a lot.  Wag your tail.

I learned from my parents to work hard.  They came from next to nothing and achieved more than I can hope to.  They encourage me to keep on going with their example.  Never any negativity.  I am so lucky.

I learned to let people in from John.  You are the best.  Your strength is paralleled by  no one.  I am so lucky.

Who said you could do it all on your own?  You can’t.  Leave the door unlocked.

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