Just Watch Me! (Feb 15th, 2011)

I’m not sure if it’s a trend or the only reason I write these blogs at all: I’ve had a few (drinks).

As I sit here at our amazing $500 dining room table, Hokie is sitting patiently to my left, staring at me. This is due in no small part to the fact that I just ate a slice of bread. Maybe some of it will fall on the floor? There is always a chance. Ever since someone spilled beer on the floor during a new year’s eve party a few years ago, Hokie has begged every time I’ve cracked a beer or consumed anything remotely alcoholic.

Today at the shop we had a crotchety old man we call “grumpy santa” sit and watch John work on his machine…ALL DAY. We gave him this name due to his resemblance to Santa, white beard and all, and due to his attitude resembling that of Andy Rooney if someone maybe didn’t replace the toilet paper roll in the 60 Minutes bathroom.

Poor John had to not only enable RAID on 8 (count’em EIGHT) hard drives, he also had to create a dual boot option for windows 7 and windows xp. Seems Grumpy Santa doesn’t want to lose his treasured porn collection and I suppose some porn apps don’t work on Windows 7? Jobs like this I almost always pass on to John; I don’t think he’d have it any other way… I don’t think he wants his business partner in jail because given the same circumstance I would have certainly killed him. I can’t fathom being a surgeon in one of those circular “surgical theaters”.. can you imagine the scene?

“Dr. Bragg, here’s the scalpel…what are you waiting for?” “I’ll make the incision as soon as that guy up there gets lost. Or maybe he’d like me to remove his pancreas and mail it to his mother?”

Yes, I have an angry streak. To be fair, I don’t go to the mechanic and watch over his shoulder as he changes the oil in my car; I don’t stare at my carpenter as he hangs drywall in my living room; I don’t pull up a chair and watch my clothes spin around in the dryer. Yes! I even have respect for the dryer! It’s presumably doing the job I paid for, so I @%@ # off and let it do it’s thing. I just wish some of our customers would afford us the same courtesy.

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